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Academic Affairs Council

January 31, 2013

Present:   Lynette Carlson, Scott Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Jean Stevenson and Fay Maas, (ex officio)


Discussed proposal to add Educ 2001.  Approved with minor revisions including using more generic term than iPad throughout the proposal.  Course name should be changed also.  AAC felt terms like mobile devices or electronic tablets with iPad as an example would make the course relevant in the future.  #21 - Is the Alternative Certificate Program really the name or should it be called IESE Technology Certificate?  Department needs to clarify.  #23 - remove reference to a particular faculty member or course, use general phrase such as “Workloads will be adjusted to accommodate teaching this course.” 

Spent the rest of the meeting discussing PETE 4250 revisions and new course proposal PETE 4255.  There were quite a few grammar errors that needed to be addressed.  Item #11 needed to be clarified on both proposals.  The committee decided to return both proposals to the PETE faculty to clarify the relationship between the courses.  The big question was during PETE 4250 does the student prepare to teach a specific physical education course and then teach that course during PETE 4255.  Or does the student learn general planning and teaching strategies in 4250 and make application to a specific physical education course in 4255.  The PETE faculty know what they meant - we would like it clarified.  Proposals to be revised and returned for AAC’s further consideration.