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Academic Affairs Council

December 4, 2009

Present: Jiyoon Yoon, Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Fay Maas, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Minutes from 12/1/09 approved

  • ESAT 3642 – is adding a credit;  modify #25 to indicate “qualified faculty will teach the course”; unanimous approval with minor change
  • IESE program proposal – check for final editing and unanimous approval
    • General feedback of potential issue of noting “final exam” on #10, but no final exam shows up in the assessments;
    • Standardize language about prerequisites;
    • For sequenced courses, prerequisite courses need to be identified;

  • ElEd 2001 - #10 needs completion; #14 needs to be identified (Pre-IESE major) there is no such thing as a “CEHSP candidate”; #25, 26, 27 need completion; #5 catalog description – change word “examination”; #9 needs to be completed; unanimous approval with changes
  • ElEd 3326 - #10 component 2 was questioned; #25 & #27 need completion; #24 needs professional bibliography format; unanimous approval with minor changes
  • ElEd 3356 – check #10; modify #22 item 2 to “demonstrate” a teacher and a learner; edit out the “you” and “your” in the course proposal; unanimous approval with minor changes
  • ElEd 4346 – check #10; workload hours (2) as opposed to contact hours (4); some modification of catalog description, item #5; change “mid-term exam” to “exam” to #23 for some outcomes; unanimous approval with minor changes
  • ElEd 4347 – check #10; add #25 & 27; #24 use professional bibliography  format #24; unanimous approval with minor changes
  • ElEd 4367 – modify #5 to be more consistent with catalog description (addresses the content); #15 needs to be completed; #26 rationale needs more information; #25 & 27 needs completion and there are financial implications; edit for brevity and typos; review content to ensure there is an appropriate level of detail (some reviewers felt too much detail was provided and that may create a situation where each future instructor will need to submit changes to the course proposal); unanimous approval with minor changes
  • Next meeting 9-10:30 on Tuesday, Dec. 8    
  • Forms Feedback;
    • It would be helpful to have the name of the course appear on the first page of course proposals.
    • Form only goes to 27 but instructions indicate it should go through item 28
    • Item 23 – only asks for “example assessment method”, not asking for all major assessments.
    • Need guidelines for what should be in a catalog description – and how that is different than the course guide description.
    • Need to be able to have more than 4 outcomes for a course (able to add rows).