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Academic Affairs Council

December 1, 2009

Present: Fay Maas, Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Guests: Gerry Nierengarten, Jean Stevenson, Jen Niemi

Minutes of 11/17/09 approved

  • ESAT 2610 – suggestion for #23 assessments – add “by demonstration of” to show skills objectives are assessed; unanimous approval with minor changes

  • ESAT 3630 – suggestion to modify #23 - assessments – add an assessment method that stresses demonstrating skills; clarify name (Is it “Injury Evaluation I – or “Lower injury evaluation”); note that delivery mode should be checked as it has been in the other proposals; unanimous approval with minor changes

  • ESAT 3632 – question the name for the course; otherwise unanimous approval

  • ESAT 4590 - #25 modified to note it can/will be taught by qualified faculty, not a specific individual; delete “Directed research” from #10; unanimous approval with minor changes

  • ESAT 4610 – Unanimous approval

Athletic Training Program Proposal – unanimous approval of revised program plan

Background information for the Integrated ElEd/SpEd progam:

  • MN moving from a K-8 to a K-6 license which creates an opportunity and need for program change.
  • There is a strong need for teachers trained in Special Education (SpEd). Education’s advisory groups agree that combining additional special education training with the elementary program will create valuable teachers who will be able to find jobs.
  • Current students want to get more training in special education.
  • A post-bac special education program will continue to be offered.

General questions and comments from the committee:

  • Requiring advanced writing required as a sophomore. Has the writing studies department been contacted?
  • Program size: currently 150 credits – as it stands today – but there are some courses are being proposed that would combine or cut some of the credits. The request is to approve the program as proposed, knowing that it is expected to be reduced.
  • Did you think about a masters of arts in teaching? “No”
  • Reading and literacy – there are four courses in the reading/literacy area.
  • Program includes two “summer” classes that are actually taught online year-around.
  • Did the VCAA’s office recommend changing numbers of courses, for example 3xxx that will be recommended for year 2.
  • Recommend that in the introduction you may not want to refer to “No Child Left Behind” since standards & mandates may change in the future.
  • There is also a specific mention of Moodle, a technology that may change, so you may want to simply say “a course management system.”
  • Also, there is reference to a specific state test and those tests will be changing.
  • The listing of courses – should either be in alphabetical order or explained (perhaps, for example, they are listed in order they should be taken.
  • Identify a title for the major so that prereqs can identify the “pre-“ and declared major.

For Friday’s extra Academic Affairs meeting will be at 3 pm on Friday. On that day the committee will complete the courses and programs that have already been submitted.

Feedback to VCAA on the form:

  • have title included in #1 & 2) for changed courses
  • Step 4 – clarify directions “Next to each course, list which semester in a four-year plan, the course should be taken: /earliest semester – latest semester – recommended semester/.”