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Academic Affairs Council

November 16, 2010

Present: Fay Maas, Jiyoon Yoon, Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

  • PETE 3505
    • Add in Section 2 an explanation of how this is a separate course from the other Teaching Outdoor Skills class, PETE 3507.
    • Needs to initiate a program change if both classes are required for major.
    • Department might consider clarification of titles for PETE 3505, PETE 3507, REC 1201, 1202, 1203, 1204
    • Provide clarification on prerequisites, including whether a comma is intended after PE 1508 and whether all courses are required.
    • Will PETE 3505 will now be a prerequisite for PETE 3507.
    • Schedule needs to reflect that additional experiences/trips are required.
    • Add to catalog description to clarify that other experiences and field trips are required  that do not fit normal class times.
    • Modify #26 C and D so that the Outcome is stated in measurable terms, ie. “Demonstrate coaching skills…” and provide an assessment that is appropriate to the measurement, such as “Evaluate coaching skills….”
    • It was noted that workload hours are proposed that exceed contact hours because of the additional activity time required
    • Unanimous approval with minor changes.

  • Probation and Dismissal policy
    • The draft policy on probation and dismissal that has been discussed through a campus committee convened by Jackie Millslagle and Bilin Tsai.
    • The committee discussed how and when GPA may be used as a gate keeper to ensure quality in upper division major