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Academic Affairs Council

November 2, 2010

Present: Fay Maas, Jiyoon Yoon, Lynette Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

  • Educ 4305 – Introductory Korean Language and Culture
    • Additional rationale is needed. How is it unique from other foreign language courses?  How does this course differ from foreign language courses. Why is it important for Education to offer it?  Who is the target audience for the course?  For all UMD students? Education Majors only?  Will the course focus on teaching methods? Conceptual outline, outcomes and assessments may need to be revised to capture changes in rationale.
    • This is a 4xxx level course, but no prerequisites identified and the title is ‘Introductory…..”. Perhaps the title should be changed to drop the ‘Introductory’ so that the course more appropriately appears to be a 4xxx level, or the course should be changed to a 2xxx level.
    •  Outcome #2: the term “discuss”?  Is this a term measureable? Expand on “discussion” to reflect an understanding of course topics/material. Is a journal the appropriate assessment tool for measuring “discuss”
    • Modify item #10 and delete ‘auto enroll’ and change the component so that it does not read ‘field work.’
    • Unanimous approval of the course pending revisions.
  • Questions were raised about how deadlines for proposals could be more widely communicated.
    • It was noted that CE and VCAA had conflicting deadlines for summer course proposals.
    • The deadlines could be added to the college calendar.
    • The AAC and GPC sites should include a link to the VCAA deadlines.
  • The meeting concluded with a general discussion about progress on submission of Liberal Education courses.