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Academic Affairs Council

October 24, 2013

Present: Faith Loven (substituting for Paul Deputy), Jean Stevenson, Georgia Keeney, Eric Hessler, Kathy Heltzer and Fay Maas, (ex officio)

CSD 4000

Proposal is approved with the following minor changes


  • #6 indicate a faculty sponsor
  • #21 change Psy 2030 to 3020
  • #24: make more generic so that there is a greater degree of flexibility
  • #22: suggest communicate with PSY so that they know that this will no longer be needed for CSD
  • #25 suggest including an additional comment that will be directed toward CSD students in their practice do all this stuff.
  • #26 suggestion to remove correctly from b and c

Reminder to send minor program change to DH and Associate Dean for approval to change the program.