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Academic Affairs Council

October 11, 2011

Present: Georgia Keeney, Fay Maas, Lynette Carlson, Randy Hyman

Excused: Bruce Munson (Ex Officio)

1. The committee through email approved without reservations memo replacing Educ 3412 with Hlth 3300 in the health education - community concentration major.

2. The course, “World Language Teaching Methods”, (Educ 4040) was unanimously approved with minor revisions and clarifications. These included:

#11: The components checked don’t explain how 4 hours of class time with be used.  Is “discussion” time separate from “lecture”? 

Note to Bruce:  This item is an ongoing problem for members of the committee.  What do the components and options mean?  The VCAA proposal form doesn’t match the VCAA descriptions page.  We need assistance in using form when we don’t know what parts mean.

#16: Identify prerequisites for enrollment, i.e., admitted to STEP.  If course had prerequisites then #17, departmental approval, would not be required.

#18:  Should parenthetical material for Educ 4040 include symbol that means student can’t get credit for both Educ 4040 and Lang 4040?

#22:  Rationale – explain why this course was developed to replace Lang 4040.  Consider mentioning that this is the teaching method course for future language educators.  Does the content of the course meet the required MN BOT licensure requirements?  State that.

#25:  Either add “a.” or take out b-e.

#26:  A.  Demonstrate understanding – is this phrase part of BOT licensure requirements?  If it is, leave it.  But if it is not, the committee recommends using more measurable terms than understanding.