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Academic Affairs Council

October 2, 2012

Present:   Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Scott Carlson, Jean Stevenson, Mike Raschick (ex officio),

                 Fay Maas (ex officio)

Guest:  Terrie Shannon, Dept. of Ed.

Minutes were approved from 9/25.  Committee decided that minutes could be approved through email.  Georgia will send them to the members, members will reply to her, and when everyone has indicated their approval, Georgia will email Fay and Fay will see that approved minutes are posted to our website.

Announcements and general discussion –

  • Georgia asked if curriculum proposal form should have a place for department curriculum committee approval date or should we trust that if department head signs, departmental committees have seen the proposal.  Fay responded that AAC members are expected to monitor proposals.  If proposals are on the agenda that any member suspects has not gone to departmental committee, then AAC member should inform the committee and the proposal will be returned to department for further review.  The curriculum proposal form is a university form and can’t be amended by this committee.
  • Georgia informed the committee that the proposal for changes in ESAT 3200 has been withdrawn. 
  • Fay reported that she had discussed with Bruce our understanding that Mike R. was ex officio member.  Bruce said that was correct and Mike R. does not need to attend AAC if there are no courses that effect SW department.  When BSW is approved, this will change.
  • Liberal Education program has issued interim process guidelines.  These guidelines were sent in email to all faculty and are posted on the Lib Ed page online.  Lib Ed proposals do not need to come to AAC.

Courses acted upon:

  • Hlth 4100/5100 – new course.  Approved with minor changes.  #8 – add partially online; #11 – check final exam box; #16 – add credit number (30 for sophomore level), state “and” instructor approval, pick “print and enforce”; put all information including appendices on the electronic form; #22 - add health education into justification for the course; and #23 – identify that this course is substituted for Hlth 3101 in the health education major program and can be used as an approved elective in the health education minor.
  • Educ 5415 – request to change title and update content.  Approved, no changes needed.
  • SW 4100 – new course.  Approved with select change to #26 B – replace/remove the word “understand”.
  • SW 4103 – new course.  Approved with minor changes.  #11 – clarify components; #16 – clarify; #26 – use measurable verbs in A & G; #27 – make it number 27 and remove “books”.
  • SW 4121 – new course.  Approved with minor changes.  #3 change to 4 and #15 to yes and 2; #11 – clarify components; #14 – change to 4; #21 – add a course fee as students will need to complete background check before field placement; #25 - add diverse populations, generalist model, and problem-solving to the conceptual outline; and #26 B and H – use measurable verbs and make sure students can complete the outcome during the course.
  • SW 4120 and SW 4XXX – two new courses were tabled until next meeting as we ran out of time.