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Academic Affairs Council

September 27, 2011

Present: Georgia Keeney, Fay Maas, Lynette Carlson, Randy Hyman, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

1. The committee elected Georgia Keeney as chair to guide the meetings for this year.

2. The committee reviewed the committee procedures and use of the curriculum evaluation form found at

3. Randy Hyman reported on the liberal education meeting on sustainability where it was indicated that the deadline of Sept. 30 for new liberal education courses was a 'soft' deadline.

4. The course, 'Childhood, Nature and Society' (ECH 1201) was unanimously approved with minor revisions and clarifications. These included:


- the course designator and number needed resolution
- the effective date needed to be completed
- item #15 - clarification on repeating the course was needed
- #22 - an expanded rationale was encouraged
- #23 - the intent of this item was discussed. It was recommended the program should contact other majors that may be interested in including this as an elective.
- #24 - Clarification was needed about whether a final exam would be required.