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Academic Affairs Council

May 1, 2014

Present: Dana Collins (substituting for PDeputy), Chris Johnson (substituting for Jean Stevenson), Georgia Keeney, Scott Carlson, Kathy Heltzer, Fay Maas (ex officio)

Absent: Paul Deputy

New Undergraduate Minor Program Proposal: Early Childhood Studies Minor   Faculty sponsor: Molly Harney

The group discussed the revised undergraduate minor program proposal initially reviewed by the group on April 24th, 2014.  After lengthy discussion the committee decided to defer approval of the proposal.  The committee determined that additional time was required to further research and document the need and demand of the program. The committee made numerous suggestions for additional changes to the existing proposal and noted that the budget for the proposal had not yet been reviewed by Lynn Hegrenes as required.  The committee complimented Dr. Harney on her efforts thus far and encouraged her to expand on her good start to the proposal to resubmit for approval next fall.