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Academic Affairs Council

April 26, 2011

Present: Lynette Carlson, Fay Maas, Jiyoon Yoon, Georgia Keeney, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Guest: Lynn Bye

  • Minutes of February 26 approved.
  • SW 3095 – Special Topics course proposal as a generic course title for SW special topics:
    • Rationale provided by Lynn Bye.  SW needs a course that can be offered to undergraduates for situations such as when faculty teaches in a Study Abroad program.
    • Question on #15 – Clarify that up to 12 credits can be completed and applied towards a degree.
    • Question on #11 (Components) – suggestion that we leave that open.
    • Question on #8 (Delivery Mode) – suggestion that it be expanded to include five options.
    • Question on #22 – suggestion to add a note clarifying this is designed for flexibility and specifics are not identified
    • Suggestion on #24 – note that workloads will be clarified and addressed according to specific topics
    • Suggestion on #23 – flexibility to teach undergraduate courses
    • Unanimous approval with minor changes
    • Suggestion was provided that VCAA provide more direction for development of courses such as a special topics course.
  • SW 3095 – Special Topics: Women and Social Policy
    • Items 7-15 should be left blank because these remain constant from the umbrella course.
    • Use similar information as umbrella course for items such as 22 & 24.
    • Suggestion on #26 B to clarify the outcome of ‘demonstrating an in-depth understanding of’ provide the focus for this outcome and clarify the assessment by deleting the word ‘successfully.’
    • Suggestion on #26 A to change the phrasing to say “analyze one country’s…”
    • Unanimous approval with minor changes.
  • ASL 4105 – History of the American Deaf Community
    • Jiyoon provided some background information and a rationale for the need for the course.
    • Question #11 – Need to identify a component and check ‘final exam.’
    • Suggestion #22 – spell out ASL at least once.
    • Suggestion #26 – recommend using measurable, action words for outcomes.
    • Unanimous approval with minor changes.
  • Change of admissions requirement for CSD program from 2.80 to 3.0 GPA
    • Bruce & Lynette provided a rationale, which is primarily to ensure that students have a 3.0 GPA since that is the required minimum for students to go on to graduate school in CSD.
    • CSD wants the 3.0 GPA to be based on credits completed at UMD. It might be best to indicate a minimum number of credits be completed with a GPA of 3.0 at UMD.
    • Clarification will come from department and then Bruce will move it on as a memo to VCAA.
  • The committee discussed a suggestion that CEHSP develop a major that can serve students who may not be performing at a level that will get them into graduate school. It was also suggested that programs prepare and advise students so students know the impacts of their grades if they want to pursue graduate school and a professional career.