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Academic Affairs Council

April 24, 2012

Present: Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Randy Hyman Fay Maas, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

1. The course, “Clinical Observation of Communication Disorders”, (CSD 2400)was discussed. It was approved with minor revisions.


Revisions and questions –
*Clarify #11 “graded case study” – not one of the choices, may be only “case study”. Also X box for final exam.


*Uncheck #12 – leave blank.


*Will the course be able to be taken concurrently with CSD2230? If so, the prerequisites need to be changed to reflect that option.

2. Revisions to the health education degree program were discussed. No action was needed because there were no major changes in total credits for the degree program.

3. Georgia needs to report on AAC to the College Senate. She will remind people that all our procedures and minutes are online. Bruce suggested that the following information related to degree program changes be shared as some programs will change because on the 2012 new liberal education requirements.


*If number of credits in a degree program is changing, those changes need to be reviewed by AAC.

*If upper division course requirements in a degree program are changing, regardless of effects on total number of credits, changes need to be reviewed by AAC.

4. The minutes of previous meeting, 2/14/12, were reviewed and approved with one addition: The course discussed at that meeting, CSD 4011, was withdrawn by the department.

5. Last AAC meeting of the semester will be moved to Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 2:00 PM because of final exam schedule and other meetings. All proposals/degree program changes need to be submitted to Lynn V. one week before the meeting, Wedneday, May 2, 2012.