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Academic Affairs Council

February 14, 2012

Present: Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Fay Maas, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Excused: Randy Hyman

The course, “Advanced Formative Assessment”, (CSD 4011) was discussed. There were quite a few unanswered questions so the committee decided to table the proposal. Lynette will discuss issues identified with CSD faculty. Special meeting called for next Tues. at 11, to discuss revision of the course in order to send it forward. CSD will also need to make program change. The AAC would like to see CSD 4010 and 4011 side by side to determine relationship of content.

Issues of concern –


*Prerequisite course (CSD 2010) was called by two names in the proposal - old name and new name.


*Clarify #11 “graded demonstration” – not sure that is one of the choices, may be only “demonstration”.


*Conceptual outline related to using portfolio, not much on learning to assess. May be a disconnect from the idea of formative assessment and using the tool.


*Committee is requesting clarification of objectives and conceptual outline of CSD 24011. Formative assessment process appears secondary to learning to use the tool of eportfolio.


*#27 – instructional materials emphasized portfolio development not necessarily on reflection and documentation of competencies.