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Academic Affairs Council

January 24, 2012

Present: Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Randy Hyman, Bruce Munson (ex officio) and Excused: Fay Maas

The course, “Technology for Teaching and Learning”, (Educ 2000) was unanimously approved with minor revisions and clarifications. These included:


-#11: Check one component – lecture with a final exam

-#22, 25, 26: Suggestions for improving: Use generic terms for software which allows for changes in the future.  Can use terms “such as” and give names software and hardware as examples.  Noticed in course description referred to electronic notepad, and then called it iPad later in proposal.  The idea of eliminating names of particular programs or tools is to avoid proposal becoming outdated in a few years.

Discussion items:


a) Bruce asked if AAC thought CEHSP should only have one curriculum/academic affairs committee to consider graduate and undergraduate academic affairs.  It seems that several colleges use only one.  Committee members discussed this – main view was that having two in CEHSP spreads the workload across the faculty and allows each committee to focus on their strengths.  People on undergraduate AAC are concerned about all issues related to undergraduate education including, liberal education, degree completion, licensure requirements, etc.  Graduate committee can focus on totality of graduate curriculum.  Lynette and Randy thought CEHSP undergraduate and graduate AACs should have a joint meeting to identify any concerns, common goals, etc. Bruce will explore this and continue to monitor curriculum committee issues across colleges.


b) Georgia asked about implementation of new/revised liberal education program.  What resources or materials are available to use in advising students, making revisions to degree programs affected by the changes?  Bruce will check on this.