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Academic Affairs Council

December 5, 2006

Present: Julia Williams, Bill Gear, Lynette Carlson, Jackie Millslagle

Absent: Bob Lloyd

Meeting convened at 10:00 a.m.

The Council considered a proposal to add an optional concentration in Outdoor Education to the B.A.S. Physical Education major. The courses required for the concentration are all regularly scheduled as part of the Outdoor Recreation program. There is anticipated enrollment of only about five a year, so no additional resource need is anticipated. With some minor technical changes to the proposal, there was consensus to approve and forward to VCAA.

The Council discussed the description of the Academic Affairs Council in the CEHSP Constitution, specifically, the makeup of the Council which is to include one student from each Department which has an undergraduate program. Issues discussed included student interest in serving, as well as what they could bring to the discussion. It is uncertain whether this Council recommended the current policy at some point in time, or whether it was a directive of the Senate that students be included. There was concensus that Julia should draft a letter to the Senate Executive Committee recommending a modification of the Council description in the CEHSP Constitution.

The Council noted, also from the Constitution, item C. "This council shall have as its concerns such standards as affect college entrance requirements, scholastic standing, grading, degree requirements, and honors and awards. Jackie will add a review of certain policies to the rolling agenda to be covered at meetings where there is limited curriculum on the agenda.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder