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Academic Affairs Council

November 14, 2005

Present: Fay Maas (for Randy Gordon), Julia Williams, Ken Gilbertson, Lynette Carlson, Jackie Millslagle.

Proposal to change PE 1510, Whitewater Kayaking, from 1 to 2 credits. This proposal had been tabled from an earlier meeting so objectives could be more clearly defined. APPROVED.

Proposal for Psy 1015, Freshman Seminar: Honors: Interaction of Mind and Body, 3 cr. The course was APPROVED pending minor modifications in outcomes/evaluation, bibliography in APA, and some typographical errors.

The committee discussed the fact that faculty, in general, don't understand the curriculum process, and especially don't understand what AAC members review on the proposals. Members will provide some information to their respective departments, and get any pertinent feedback. The next meeting will be spent on clearing up the instructions on the web page. Suggestion was made that perhaps the Council members do a presentation at the next CEHSP Senate meeting.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder