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Academic Affairs Council

November 1, 2007

Present: Lynette Carlson, Bill Gear, Julia Williams, Jackie Millslagle

Excused: Fay Mass

No curriculum, so the agenda for this meeting was to determine what one or two items this Council would like to study as time permits.

Bill suggested that this group clarify guidelines for curriculum changes around online education, e.g., define internet-based vs. partially-internet-based. Council members will go back to the individual departments to list issues/questions around how to accurately reflect the in systems the various uses/methods of online learning. Example questions:

  • What does "hybrid" mean?
  • What does "blended" mean?
  • What should students know about how a course is delivered before enrolling?

Internships policies, practices and workload protocol. How consistent are we across departments; how consistent should we be? Jackie will develop a list of questions that can be used to survey departments and have them ready for review at the next meeting.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder