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Academic Affairs Committee

October 16, 2003

Present: Ken Gilbertson, Lavonne Lavar, Dan Glisczinski, Randy Gordon, Jackie Millslagle.

1. By general consensus, and with his agreement, Ken Gilbertson was appointed chair.

2. Discussion around CC# 2, course proposal for ENED 4343, Environmental Education. There will be a course fee proosal that accompanies the course. MOTION/SECOND to approve with modifications. Motion Carried.

3. Course proposal for SpEd 4585 was circulated at the meeting and discussed for action at next meeting. Committee asked that sponsor make course description consistent with title and objectives. Lavonne indicated that this would be a good elective for graduate CSD students, but noted some questions about coverage of a broader range of education planning documents. Comments will be forwarded to the faculty sponsor for modification.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder