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Academic Affairs Council

April 23, 2009

Present: Bill Gear, Lynette Carlson, Jackie Millslagle

Excused: Faye Maas, Julia Williams (both had sent comments regarding proposals)

The following new courses were approved pending suggestions. On all proposals, clarify field placement in all proposals; use measurable terms in objectives; make sure topics are included in all proposals; verify whether Graduate School credit is being sought.

  • OjEd 4310, American Indians and Special Education, 2 cr.
  • OjEd 4320, Assessment of American Indian Learners, 4 cr.
  • OjEd 4330, Working with American Indian Families & Community , 4 cr.
  • OjEd 4340, Manifestation of Multi-generational Trauma & Internalized Oppression, 4 cr. Clarify the product of #3 assessment method? .
  • OjEd 4350, Indigenous Learners, 4 cr. The title does not reflect special education; too global.
  • OjEd 4360,  Indigenous Methods of Instruction: Practical Application , 4 cr.

Lynnette gave a brief report on the CSD department discussion about catalog wording of "Approved electives, 0-8 cr" in the CSD major. After evaluation, the reasons why it was written no longer exist. Language in the catalog will be changed to "recommended or suggested" electives.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder