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Academic Affairs Council

March 26, 2008

Present: Julia Williams, Fay Maas, Bill Gear, Lynette Carlson, Jackie Millslagle.

Internship Policies

After review of the results of the survey on internship practices, the policy statement was reviewed and changes made as follows:

Programs that sponsor internship courses should comply with minimum standards for these experiences.

  1. An Internship Manual that outlines policies and procedures pertinent to the program sponsoring an internship.
  2. The program should outline the responsibilities of site supervisors and have quality control processes in place.
  3. Consistent and frequent contact between the instructor, the site supervisor and the student should take place over the course of the semester as appropriate for the program sponsoring an internship. This may include site visits, phone calls, email or other electronic communication.
  4. Students should document a minimum of 40 hours per credit through the semester.
  5. Students should be required to document activity using various techniques including weekly time logs, journals, assignments, and/or final projects that assess learning outcomes.
  6. An Affiliation Agreement (Word file) must be signed with the agency BEFORE an internship begins. [See CEHSP Forms Library]   The contract is signed by the Dean of the College as per Delegation of Authority guidelines and filed in the Dean´s Office.  Any addendum to a contract proposed by an affiliate has to be approved by general counsel.
    1. Signed contracts may be for up to five years. 
    2. When an individual placement is made, a letter confirming the placement with begin and ends dates should be on file in the department or with the internship supervisor.
  7. No retroactive credit will be awarded for what a student may perceive to be internship activity in an outside agency.
  8. Programs should be asked to review implementation of these policies regularly on request of the associate dean.

These policies will be forwarded to department heads for recommendation and approval.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder