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Academic Affairs Committee Meeting

March 26, 2003

Present: Randy Gordon, Dan Gliszcinski, Ken Gilbertson (chair), Kent Boroson, Jackie Millslagle (ex officio).

1. Joyce Strand was present to address questions raised on the following curriculum proposals which had been tabled from the February 12 meeting. Discussion focused on the standards-based proposals and perceived overlap in content. Following discussion, motion/second to approve. Motion carried.

  • CC #108 - Add SpEd 4250, Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders, 4 cr.
  • CC #109 - Add SpEd 4260, Language and social Skkills for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders, 4 cr.
  • CC #110 - Add SpEd 4270, Methods for Teaching Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders, 4 cr.

2. Council members discussed a request for input from Penny Morton, Chair of the Liberal Education Subcommittee of EPC, and Steve Hedman, Associate VCAA, asking for feedback on two policies associated with liberal education.

  • Proposal to eliminate the 35-credit minimum, but continue to require one course in each of 10 categories. With careful selection, a student could graduate with 28 credits of liberal education; however, most would have at least 30. Consensus was to leave the requirement at 35 credits.
  • Second proposal was to separate the International Perspective (IP) and Cultural Diversity (CD) components of the liberal education curriculum from the other courses. This would allow, for example, an upper division course in a major to be designated to fulfill one of these requirements. Consensus was that this would be a good step and might uncomplicate course selection as students seek to fulfill this requirement.

This feedback will be sent to the Dean for his response to the inquiry.

Meeting adjoured at 5:10 p.m.