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Academic Affairs Council

March 11, 2005

Present: Ken Gilbertson, Cindy Spillers, Dan Glisczinski, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused: Randy Gordon

Motion and second to approve CC #83, EnEd 4555, Foundations of Environmental Education, 2 credits. APPROVED.

The agenda for the next meeting will be discussion on the role of this Council, with the intent of clarifying for faculty how curriculum and other academic policy issues are reviewed. To assist, Ken/Jackie will try and draft some language. The description of the Council from the CEHSP Constitution is included here:

SECTION 4. Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

  • a. The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council shall consist of one (1) faculty member and one (1) student from each Department which has an undergraduate program. The Social Work Department will have an ex officio representative who will act on proposals and issues that affect the Social Work Department. Department Heads shall be responsible for having the member from the department, or a substitute, at each Academic Affairs meeting. The faculty members of the council shall be selected by and from the faculty of each Academic Department for a two year term.
  • b. The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council shall recommend and oversee policies on undergraduate curriculum matters, including course proposals. It will have particular concern for policies which affect a number of Departments, programs, or the college as a whole and for liberal education efforts of the College. It shall make recommendations to the Dean about course proposals which originate within the College, or those originating outside the College which might have an impact on College programs. Any decisions made by this Council that affect graduate education shall be shared with the Graduate Program Council.
  • c. This council shall have as its concerns such standards as affect college entrance requirements, scholastic standing, grading, degree requirements, and honors and awards.

Jackie Millslagle, Recording