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Academic Affairs Council

March 7, 2006

Present: Ken Gilbertson (chair); Julia Williams; Lynette Carlson; Randy Carlson; Jackie Millslagle

Guest: Aydin Durgunoglu

Meeting convened at 3:05 pm

1. Aydin was present to discuss and answer questions regarding the proposal to deliver the B.A.S. Psychology program in an online format. Three new courses are being proposed to substitute for Psy 3021 and 3022 required for the regular program.

  • Psy 4021, Research Methods I (4)
  • Psy 4022, Research Methods II (4)
  • Psy 4023, Rsearch Methods III (3)

The rationale for 3 instead of 2 is to provide a longer timeframe to reach learning objectives anticipated in the online environment. The program proposal and the course proposals were APPROVED with some minor changes to technical (system) elements in the forms.

2. Psy 4121, Foundations of Clinical Psychology, 3 credits. A suggestion was made to include something in the course description that better defines clinical psychology. Course APPROVED.

3. Lynette explained program changes and a course proposal -- CSD 4500, Voice Disorders, 3 credits -- related to the B.A.S. Communication Sciences program. Both program changes and the course proposal were APPROVED.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder