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Academic Affairs Council

February 19, 2007

Present:  Bill Gear; Lynette Carlson; Joyce Strand (for Julia Williams), Bob Lloyd, Jackie Millslagle.

The January 22 minutes were amended to add the following statement about the distributed data: This data had been provided by Jackie for information, awareness and general discussion. Minutes, as amended, were approved.


Bill Gear reviewed the changes proposed in the Athletic Training B.A.Sc. program, and the rationale for the changes.  Moved/second to approve the following changes to the program; consensus to approve.   

  • Courses added to program of study
    • ESAT 3200     Motor Learning and Development
    • BIOL 1761     Human Anatomy (optioned with HLTH 2030)
    • CHEM 1113   Intro. Gen., Org, & Bio. Chem. I or
    • CHEM 1151   General Chemistry I
    • HLTH 1650    CPR for the PR (1) or proof of cert.
    • MATH 1160   Finite Math. and Intro. to Calculus or
    • MATH 1250   Precalculus Analysis
    • ESAT 4700     Statistics and Research Methods in Exercise Science
  • Courses removed from program of study
    • HLTH 1100      Health and Wellness
    • HLTH 1470      Human Nutrition
    • ESAT 3210      Exercise Adherence
    • ESAT 3420      Exercise Testing and Prescription
    • CHEM 1102   Asp. Of Chem. w/lab
    • PSY 3020        Statistical Method
  • Course title changes are for information only. 
    • Minor course changes for: ESAT 2620, ESAT 3620, ESAT 3630.
    • Course change for ESAT 3600.

Adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder