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Academic Affairs Committee Meeting

February 1, 2002

Present: Ken Gilbertson, Kent Brorson, Dan Gliszinski, Jackie Millslagle, Bob Lloyd.

Curriculum items reported for information:

  • CC # 22. Prerequisites for Hlth 5161 modified as follows: ElEd 1010 and completion of 45 credits.
  • CC # 25. Title change for SpEd 5204 from Assessment for Mild Disabilities, to Assessment for Children and Youth with Disabilities.
  • CC # 26. Title change for SpEd 5381 from Behavior Management Strategies, to Behavior Management Principles and Practices.
  • CC # 27. In Elementary Education Program, 2001 catalog, Hlth 5161 OR Hlth 3202. Eliminate the option of Hlth 3202.

CC # 24. Proposal for Special Education Minor. Committee acknowledged the need for the minor, as well as the well-prepared proposal. The discussion centered around the course proposals for 4xxx classes that duplicate current 5xxx offerings. It was the understanding of the group that the proposed 4xxx courses are what is currently being offered at the 5xxx level, and that the 5xxx courses will be modified to add additional requirements and more rigorous criteria. MOVED/SECOND/CARRIED to approve the proposal, including new courses, with modification. Specifically, program faculty should provide in memo format how the 5xxx courses will be modified, and how descriptions of courses at both levels will note the similar offering at the other level. Differences between the courses should be clearly indicated in catalog course descriptions. The courses approved include:

  • CC #28: SpEd 4204, Assessment for Children and Youth with Disabilities, 4 credits
  • CC #29: SpEd 4381, Behavior Management Principles and Practices, 4 credits
  • CC #30: SpEd 4433, Foundations of Special Education, 4 credits
  • CC #31: SpEd 4434, Technology & special Education, 3 credits
  • CC #32: SpEd 4435, Parent and Professional Collaboration, 4 credits
  • CC #33: SpEd 4555, Assessment and Instruction of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, 3 credits

A revised draft of a Student Academic Complaint policy was circulated for study. It will be a February 15 agenda item.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder