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Academic Affairs Council

January 30, 2008

Present: Bill Gear (chaired); Fay Maas; Lynette Carlson; Joyce Strand (for Julia Williams); Jackie Millslagle.

Proposals for the Deaf Studies minor, 3 new courses, and 5 minor course changes had been circulated.

There was general discussion of the minor course changes for 5 courses (American Sign Language, levels 1 through 5), changing the course prefix from CSD to ASL and the level of the course, moving them down from 5000 to 3000 and 4000. There were no objections raised.

  • ASL 2001, Beginning Sign Language I
  • ASL 2002, Beginning Sign Language II
  • ASL 3003, Intermediate Sign Language III
  • ASL 3004, Intermediate Sign Language III
  • ASL 4005, Advanced Sign Language

Council members noted that the course objectives for the new courses were not stated in measurable terms, and assessments were not tied to specific objectives; bibliography format was not as expected. A full-time faculty member in this field must be hired to support the new Deaf Studies minor; this faculty, along with support from the assessment/accreditation coordinator in the department, will assure that objectives and assessments are well developed before courses are delivered. Motion/second to approve the following courses, and that syllabus be provided for review after initiation of the program. CARRIED.

  • ASL 4100, Linguistics of American Sign Language, 3 cr.
  • ASL 4110, Deaf Culture, 3 cr.
  • ASL 4298, American Sign Language Skill Building Workshop, 3 cr.

Motion/second to approve the Deaf Studies minor to be housed in the Department of Education. MOTION CARRIED.

Jackie Millslagle, recorder