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Academic Affairs Council

January 24, 2006

Present: Julia Williams, Randy Gordon, Lynette Carlson, Georgia Keeney (for Ken Gilbertson), Jackie Millslagle

Members reviewed and approved by consensus the prerequisite changes for ESAT courses submitted by John Keener.

  • ESAT 3200 -Motor Learning and Development – delete Psy 1003 as prerequisite.
  • ESAT 3210 -Exercise Adherence – delete Psy 1003 as prerequisite; change course rotation to delete spring offering. 
  • ESAT 3410 -Performance Nutrition and Weight Management – delete ESAT 3400 or PEP 3040 as prerequisite; delete hlth ed or rec cand as prerequisite text.
  • ESAT 3420 -Exercise Testing and Prescription – delete ESAT 3300 or PEP 3030 as prerequisite:
  • ESAT 3430 -Principles of Strength and Conditioning Programs – change course rotation to delete fall offering
  • .ESAT 3440 -Clinical Exercise Physiology - change course rotation to delete fall offering.
  • ESAT 4700 -Statistics and Research Methods in Exercise Science – delete 90 cr.; add ESAT 3200, 3300, 3400, 3410 as prerequisites.
  • ESAT 4710 -Applied and Experimental Exercise Science – delete 90 cr. As prerequisite.
  • ESAT 4996 -Internship – delete pe cand; add exercise science candidate in prerequisite text.

Proposals for ESAT 2697 and 2698 were tabled pending clarification of several isses related to course description, instructor workload, and outcomes.

There was continued discussion on the curriculum process. Lynette brought in her first attempt at a course proposal and discussed several parts of the form that were confusing to a first-time user. Jackie will continue to make changes, including what may come out of next week's GPC meeting. By early February, we should be ready to visit each department to discuss the process and the forms.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder