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Welcome Message from CEHSP DeanJill Pinkney-Pastrana

Dr. Jill Pinkney Pastrana



The faculty and administrative officers of the College of Education and Human Service Professions are dedicated to preparing highly qualified leaders. Students are prepared for employment in industry, school and non-school educational settings, community agencies, and government.

Five departments work cooperatively to achieve the purposes of the college in teaching, research, service, and program development. The office of the dean is responsible for programmatic leadership, curricula, and for recommending graduates for licensure. The departments that have responsibility for degree and licensure programs are Communication Sciences and Disorders; Education; Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Psychology; and Social Work.

CEHSP Dean's Wing

About Our College


In the College of Education and Human Service Professions we utilize our diverse intellectual strengths to provide an education of enduring value for the professional, personal, and civic lives of our students. We engage with UMD and broader communities through our research, teaching, learning and commitment to the advancement of the human service professions.


The College of Education and Human Service Professions promotes research and practice in the social and human sciences. Our collective teaching, scholarship, and service supports student development as engaged citizens, reflective learners, critical thinkers, and evidence-informed practitioners in a culturally-sensitive, socially-just learning environment.



    Strengthen and develop community connections and engagement through collaboration, research, service, and participation.


    Advance and support opportunities to become culturally competent citizens.

    Support a positive and inclusive college climate by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice.


    Support the development of global citizens who understand the complexities of living in a globally interconnected world.


    Advance excellence in research that builds upon our shared values as expressed through the CEHSP mission and vision.

Student Success:

    Prepare and equip students to be critically reflective learners and practitioners.


    Model and prepare students to critically evaluate sustainable practices to enhance economic, environmental, physical and social needs.

Teacher Licensure Program

The teacher licensure programs have been granted continuing accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Minnesota Board of Teaching.

Admission to Upper Division Programs

With the exception of Exercise Science and Environment & Outdoor Education, students are admitted to CEHSP as pre-majors. Admission to a major is contingent on submission of evidence that the student has completed prerequisite courses, earned a satisfactory GPA, taken appropriate tests, made plans for the rest of the academic program, and in some majors, participated in a personal interview to review these matters. Standards for admission are set by the individual departments, and students should consult their adviser or department office for information. Once admitted, students remain in the program as long as minimum GPA requirements for graduation are maintained. Students who fall below the minimum are monitored by their advisers.

Academic Standing

Good Academic Standing

Students who have 20 or more completed credits (including credits outside the University and credits by exam) must have a 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA to be in good academic standing in CEHSP. Students who have attempted fewer than 20 credits (at UMD or elsewhere) must have a 1.80 minimum cumulative GPA to be in good academic standing. Credits taken outside the University are not calculated into the University GPA.


Students with a cumulative GPA lower than that required for good academic standing are placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation have one semester of attendance to attain the overall GPA required to avoid dismissal. Students should consider a lighter load or repeating courses with D or F grades to improve their GPA. Probationary students are strongly encouraged to seek advice from their faculty adviser or staff in the college's Advising & Academic Services Office.


Students who fail to attain the required minimum cumulative GPA after the semester of initial probation are subject to dismissal. Extenuating circumstances could be taken into consideration at the request of the student before dismissal. Dismissed students are notified immediately.

Readmission After Dismissal

Readmission is not granted before one academic year has passed from the date of dismissal. Readmission is granted when the required minimum cumulative GPA for good academic standing has been attained through UMD Continuing Education. Students who have been academically dismissed must receive permission from the college office in order to register through Continuing Education. Students may not make up grade point deficiencies outside the University of Minnesota. Petition information is available at the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services Office, 120 Bohannon Hall.

Appeal and Petition

A student seeking exception to an academic requirement of the college may petition for an exemption. After consulting with the adviser and others involved, the student should submit a petition to the college's Advising & Academic Services Office, 120 Bohannon Hall.

Grievance Procedure

Students with grievances concerning admission, maintenance, or exit processes may obtain a copy of the grievance procedure from the program coordinator.

College Honors and Dean's List

Advising & Academic Services Office

Information about admission, orientation, advising, scholastic standing, change of college, change of major, graduation honors, and grievance and appeal procedures may be obtained from the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services Office, 120 Bohannon Hall (218-726-7156). Applications for Minnesota state licensure are also available in this office.