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Center for Environmental Education

“Fostering environmental sustainability through outdoor and environmental education.”


MEEd Quick Links

Checklist of Steps toward Earning your MEEd

Suggested Course Schedule

Graduate Degree Plan (for listing your degree coursework; signed by commitee and approved by DGS; copy retained in MEEd Graduate Program Office, with copy of signed form forwarded to UMD Grad Office for imaging)

leaf bullet Assignment of Committee Members (online form initiated by students for indicating committee members; form is routed electronically to advisor, DGS, and Graduate School Director for final approval; once approved, student receives an email informing him/her of the decision; note: there is a different form and process for indicating your Advisor, which precedes this form; see handbook section on advisor and committee roles; NOTE! As of 11/1/12 until further notice, this online form is not working; student should email advisor with suggested committee; advisor forwards to DGS for approval; DGS forwards to UMD Grad Office for approval; UMD Grad Office approves and forwards for imaging)

Graduate Student Petition Form (for requesting a change in coursework on approved Graduate Degree Plan)

Online Graduate School Petition (for requesting an exception to registration deadlines or credit limits; form routed electronically)

Request for Extension to the Maximum Time Limit (needs to be submitted at least 6 months prior to current time limit deadline; needs advisor and DGS signature; forwarded to UMD Grad Office)

MEEd Project Proposal Form (for Committee approval of proposed Plan B Project; retained in MEEd Graduate Program Office; must be filed prior to IRB application and data collection)

MEEd Plan B Project Guidelines (description of what goes in each chapter)

Graduate School's Formatting, Submitting, Publishing Guidelines

Graduate School's Formatting Template

Application for Degree

Commencement Attendance Questionnaire

Examination Report for Master's Degree (for Committee to record the vote from exam; released from UMD Graduate School to student with Advisor and MEEd Graduate Program Office approval; retained with MEEd Graduate Program Office and copy forwarded to UMD Grad Office for imaging)

MEEd Graduate Student Handbook

UMD Graduate Student Handbook


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