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Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC) is a collaborative effort among two- and four-year public colleges and universities in Minnesota to help students transfer their work in general/liberal education. Completion of a defined transfer curriculum at one institution enables a student to receive credit for such work upon admission to any other participating institution. This does not guarantee that all credits within the transfer curriculum will be accepted at other participating institutions. This transfer curriculum consists of 10 areas of competency and completion of these is certified at the sending Minnesota institution. Note: The MTC competencies differ from the UMD liberal education categories. Completing UMD's Liberal education program does not necessarily mean that the MTC competencies are also complete.

Students who transfer to UMD and have completed the MTC elsewhere are considered to have met UMD liberal education requirements and are not required to complete additional liberal education coursework. If only some, but not all, competencies of the MTC have been completed elsewhere, these competencies will satisfy equivalent competencies at UMD.

Students intending to transfer from UMD to public colleges and universities within Minnesota, and who wish to fulfill the MTC, must adhere to the following general requirements:

The list of UMD courses that can be used to do this is available from the UMD Office of the Registrar, 139 Darland Administration Building, UMD, Duluth, MN 55812; or can be found online at


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