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Current Trends

Employment trends can change from season to season and year to year. It is important to know and understand the trends in your industry, geographic location, and the nation as a whole.

The following resources are places to start your research. The resources provided will help you find the answers to following starter questions:

  • What is the demand, or need, for your occupation or industry?
    • Statewide/Nationally/Globally?
  • What is the salary typical for your occupation and experience level? In a certain geographic area? (Cost of living for certain area will impact your salary.)
  • Where are recent graduates being employed?

General Resources

Employment Projections

Projections show the increases and decreases in varying industries and occupations on local, state, and national levels. Will your intended occupation or industry see growth or downsizing in the geographic area where you would like to live?

State Departments of Employment/Work Force or Economic Development

These resources will provide information about how the state is doing economically and the trends for various industries or occupations within the state.

Industry Specific

Most, if not all, industries have news sources and professional associations that provide information of changes, trends, and important news or events.