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What is Twitter?

Information platform for communicating with other people in 140 characters or less.

How Do You Get Started?

Simple answer: go to, click “Sign Up for Twitter” and create a profile. It’s that easy. However, there are things you should think about prior to starting a Twitter account.

How do you want to use Twitter? It will be a part of your personal branding and should fall in line with your other online profiles. Twitter is helpful for connecting with your profession before you are even out of school. Follow key employers, experts in your field, and other people who can be helpful as you create your brand. It’s not all about letting people know what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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The Benefits – How to Utilize Twitter

  • Locally and globally build a network of professionals in your industry larger than you could imagine
  • Share knowledge and content with a large audience
  • Engage in conversation with future, current, and past colleagues
  • Stay current with news, trends, and ideas in your future industry
  • Connect with businesses and organizations that you’re interested in working for.
  • Look for a job or internship
  • Great learning can happen through just watching your Twitter feed. Join the conversation to expand your learning even more.
  • Organized chats on Twitter occur regularly on a variety of topics. The following link has a running list of chat topics, days of the week and times for the chats, and the corresponding hashtags:

What to Tweet About

  • Ask for help or advice about a professional question (such as asking someone to look at your resume)
  • Tweet about a useful blog post, video, website, book, product, or service
  • How your job search is progressing (nothing negative about your current role or specifically where you’re applying/interviewing)

10 Twitter Tips to Find Your New Job

    1. Fill in your bio
    2. Use a real photo of yourself that is professional
    3. Follow relevant people
    4. Connect with people
    5. Tweet smartly
    6. Offer your help
    7. Ask for help
    8. Don’t spam
    9. Be cautious
    10. Preserve your Twitter reputation

Check out the full article here:

5 Ways to Find a Job on Twitter

    1. Industry keywords: can be included in the content of your tweets throughout the week.
    2. Hashtags: follow industry news and what’s happening right now (check out #jobsearch and #careeradvice for working on the job search)
    3. Your Twitter bio: use keywords that describe you and what you want to do (such as including your future industry)
    4. Twitter chats: concentrated way to engage with people (check out for an extensive list of chats and times)
    5. Join the conversation: RT (retweet) articles, blogs, news, etc. and ask questions

To Get You Started: People/Entities to Follow

All addresses: and the @ is not part of the URL address

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