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Most people know the best way to find a job is through networking. One method for networking is using social media. There are many ways to use social media and a variety of platforms to expand your network to find an internship or job. You can create one-on-one connections and develop your network beyond your immediate circle of contacts and geographic region. Online networking will never completely replace the power of in-person networking. Using a combination of online and in-person networking techniques will produce the best results. It is not enough to just create a profile. To get the most out of a given platform, you have to be active and engaged.

Employers are using social media with increasing frequency to find job applicants. To be relevant in a changing workforce, knowing various uses and brands of technology and social media is essential. Be positive in the content you post on the platforms. Your profile will most likely show up in a Google search and can positively or negatively impact an employer's impression of you.


LinkedIn is a networking platform used by people to connect professionally. If you are not on LinkedIn, you need to be. Besides connecting with people you know, you can connect with people you would like to get to know by viewing their profiles and inviting them to connect with you. You can also research companies, conduct your job search and prepare for interviews.

An active, engaging and professional profile on LinkedIn works to build your brand and helps you connect to the larger world of work while you are still in college. Following are some of the ways to use LinkedIn in your job search:

  • Find internship and job postings through the Jobs tab.
  • Join "groups" related to your career interests and look at jobs posted by "groups." Connect and engage with professionals in your field(s) of interest by posting in "group" discussions.
  • Use your individual connections for recommendations and leads about positions.
  • Follow companies of interest to you.
  • Research companies. Information may include how to contact them, recent hires and current employees, recent developments in the news and your connections (if any) to them.
  • Conduct "Advanced" searches by entering your criteria. For example, enter the name of the company and University of Minnesota Duluth to find UMD alumni with connections to the company.
  • Attend drop-in times offered by Career and Internship Services to help you start and strengthen your profile.


Twitter enables you to connect with people you do or don't know, based on common interests. Following are some of the ways to use Twitter in your job search:

  • Connect with people to learn more about openings you have already heard about and are researching.
  • Connect with recruiters to find openings with specific companies.
  • Follow industry hashtags and chats to learn about current trends that could influence your job or internship search.
  • Your Twitter handle should be your name. Use keywords in your bio to describe you and what you want to do.


Most people use Facebook to stay connected or reconnect with friends and it can also be an effective networking tool in your internship and job search if done so professionally. Following are some of the ways to use Facebook in your job search:

  • You probably know most of your "friends" on Facebook, but do you know where they work or the type of work they do? Post an update to let everyone know you are looking for an internship or job. Indicate the field(s) in which you are interested and ask if any of your friends have ideas or leads.
  • "Like" the pages of companies where you might want to work, especially if they have a career-specific page.

On the Career and Internship Services website you can find more about social media including tips for using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in relation to career planning and job and internship searches.


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