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Action Verbs

Students are often too brief in their description of their skills, qualities and traits. Consult the following list of action verbs when writing your resume and describing your experience.

A helpful strategy for using these verbs:

  1. Go through the entire list and check off all the action verbs (skills) employers in your intended field seek.
  2. Go through the list a second time and check off all the verbs you have used in the experiences you are describing on your resume.
  3. Note the words that you have checked twice. Incorporate into your resume (or cover letters) the words that best sell your skills and abilities.
accelerated augmented confirmed dispatched extracted innovated motivated proved reviewed supported
accommodated authored confronted dispensed fabricated input multiplied provided revised surmounted
accomplished authorized consented displayed facilitated inspected navigated publicized revitalized surpassed
accounted for awarded conserved disproved familiarized inspired negotiated published revived surveyed
achieved balanced consolidated dissected fashioned installed netted purchased rewrote sustained
acquired billed constructed distributed figured instituted observed qualified routed synthesized
acted bolstered consulted diverted filtered instructed obtained quantified sanctioned systematized
activated boosted continued drafted finalized insured officiated queried satisfied tabulated
adapted bought contracted drew financed integrated opened questioned saved tailored
added brainstormed contributed drew up forecast interceded operated quoted scheduled targeted
addressed briefed controlled earned foresaw interpreted orchestrated raised scouted taught
adjusted brought converted edited formulated intervened ordered rated screened tended
administered budgeted convinced educated forwarded interviewed organized realized scrutinized tested
admitted built cooperated effected fostered introduced originated received secured theorized
adopted calculated coordinated elected founded invented overcame recognized selected tightened
advanced calibrated copied elevated fulfilled inventoried overhauled recommended served totaled
advertised carried out corrected elicited gained investigated oversaw reconciled serviced traced
advised catalogued correlated eliminated gathered involved participated recorded settled tracked
affected caused corresponded employed generated issued perceived recruited shaped trained
aided centralized counseled empowered governed joined perfected rectified shipped transacted
aligned certified counted enabled graded judged performed reduced sifted transcribed
alleviated chaired crafted encouraged greeted justified persuaded referred simplified transferred
allocated changed created endorsed grew labored photographed refined sketched transformed
allowed charted critiqued enforced grossed launched piloted reformed sold translated
altered checked customized engineered guaranteed lectured pioneered regulated solicited transmitted
amended chose dealt enhanced guided led planned rehabilitated solved traveled
analyzed clarified debated enlarged handled licensed played reinforced sorted treated
anticipated classified debugged enlisted hastened linked policed rejuvenated sought tutored
applied closed decided enriched headed located polished related spearheaded uncovered
appointed coached deciphered ensured heightened logged predicted remedied specified unearthed
apportioned collaborated dedicated entered helped maintained prepared remodeled spoke unified
appraised collected defined entertained highlighted managed prescribed rendered stated updated
approved combined delegated enumerated hired mapped presented renovated stimulated upgraded
approximated commissioned deliberated envisioned identified marketed presided reorganized stocked validated
arbitrated committed delivered established illustrated mastered prevailed repaired straightened verified
argued communicated demonstrated estimated imagined maximized prioritized replaced strategized visualized
arranged compared designated evaluated implemented measured processed reported streamlined welcomed
ascertained compiled designed examined improved mediated procured represented strengthened won
assembled completed detected excelled improvised mentored produced rescued structured wrote
assessed composed determined executed incorporated merchandised profited researched studied
assigned compounded developed exercised increased minimized programmed reserved submitted
assisted computed devised exhibited indexed mobilized projected resolved substantiated
assumed conceived diagnosed expanded indicated modeled promoted responded suggested
assured conceptualized diminished expedited inferred moderated proofed restored summarized
attained concluded directed explained influenced modernized proposed retrieved supervised
attended conditioned disbursed explored informed modified prospected revamped supplemented
audited conducted discovered extended initiated monitored protected revealed supplied