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BreatheFree Task Force Report, April 2011

April 1, 2011

To:       Interim Vice Chancellor Jackie Millslagle

From:   Smoke Free Task Force

Dori Decker (co-chair), Audrey Temple (co-chair), Kristen Gates, JD Holmquist, TJ Kiewatt, John King, Mahjoub Labyad, Pat McKone, Liz Olson, Anne Peterson, Jill Rogers, Kristy Seaver, Lita Wallace, John Weiske

Re:       Recommendations for Compliance

The Smoke Free Task Force has completed its charge to develop a recommendation to improve compliance with our Smoke Free Campus Policy. The task force discussed ways to increase awareness, increase compliance, as well as provide recommendations for sanctioning. 

The task force’s main discussion focused on sanctioning.  Health Services, in partnership with the American Lung Association, developed an educational module geared toward the goals of the policy (health impacts for self and others; environmental impacts; and cessation resources.)  This module is part of the recommendation for sanctioning.

There was overwhelming support, from the task force, for the module and a fee to be the first sanction under the student conduct code.  We recognize the recommended sanctioning option is not consistent with sanctions for alcohol and marijuana through the Office of Student Conduct, but felt comfortable with the recommendation based on the history and nature of smoking on campus. The nature of smoking in public spaces has made individuals accessible to verbal reminders, or “warnings”, from supporters, peers, and police, over the past 5 years.  Therefore, students that smoke are likely to be verbally warned, and so to receive a warning letter as a first violation may not be as impactful as it may for other policies, where they are not used to receiving warnings from the community on a regular basis.  It should be noted that students who are receiving warning letters for alcohol and marijuana use are also receiving fines through the court system. 

We are confident that the UMD community would feel better supported in their enforcement efforts toward this policy if students were immediately confronted with completing the educational module and a registration fee for a first time violation, as recommended in the Sanction section below.

The task force also believes it is important to be equitable between faculty, staff, and students.  Since faculty and staff cannot be assessed a fee; or fined for smoking on campus, the task force recommends that they be requested to use the module and meet with the UPlan Health Coach. 

I. Increase awareness of the policy

  • “Breathefree” week will be held before the end of the semester.  During this week, students will be made aware of the new compliance protocol.
  • Health Services is developing a fresh new look to posters promoting the policy, starting spring semester, and renewed seasonally (featuring the local environment, emphasizing fresh air).
  • A Statesmen article and a UMD Homepage story will be written to highlight the new protocol.

II. Increase compliance

  • Continued enforcement and support by UMD police is essential for the compliance protocol to be effective.
  • Resident Advisor’s in Housing will be requested to report violators to the Office of Student Conduct, via Maxient.
  • Human Resources will be requested to send out periodic emails to faculty and staff reminding them of the smoke free policy.
  • The UMD Campus Community, including Breathefree Supporters, can use their discretion to report names of non-compliant individuals and campus locations frequented by non-compliant individuals to

III. Sanctions

The task force is recommending these sanction become effective fall semester 2011, including Welcome Week.

  • For faculty and staff, non-compliance with the smoke free policy will be addressed by UMD Human Resources through the current policies, rules, and bargaining agreements that are in place.  The task force would like Human Resources to explore using the following as disciplinary measures:

    1. Educational module
    2. Meeting with the UPlan Health Coach

  • Students will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for sanctioning. The task force is proposing the following sanctions for administration to consider:

    1. 1st Violation:   Educational module, with a $25 registration fee
    2. 2nd Violation:   $50 fine or meeting with cessation counselor
    3. 3rd Violation:   $100 fine

Support breathefree UMD

Student, staff and faculty are needed to help spread the word about UMD's smoke-free policy. You can help by keeping us informed of campus locations that are frequented by violators. Email with times and locations. This is a confidential email address.

And help by posting the breathefree poster in high-traffic areas.

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