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Department of Biology
Undergraduate Programs


Biology Minor

Biology is a highly diverse subject with roots in many other sciences and fields of study. Because of biology's great breathe of application and inclusion in other fields, including biology course work makes a student's education well rounded and applicable and makes graduates more employable.

Minor required courses


Natural History Minor

The natural history minor enhances students' understanding of the ecology and geology of the natural world. It places particular emphasis on courses with field labs. The minor program covers a wide range of topics in earth's history, geomorphology, ecology, ornithology, entemology, ichthyology, mammology, animal behavior, and field interpretation for education, as well as other topics. A required Senior Seminar course introduces students to classic readings in natural history, such as Galileo's Siderius Nuncius and serveral chapters from Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle, G. K. Gilbert's Geology of the Henry Mountains, and Rachel Carson's The Edge of the Sea, among many others.


Minor required courses


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