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Is Biology Right for Me?

The ideal scientist thinks like a poet, works like a book keeper, and writes like a journalist.

-EO Wilson

Biologists have a natural curiosity to study and understand the world around them. While someone might see a beautiful flower a biologist might wonder what type of pollinators that color attracts, what gene or genes control flower color, or whether that plant is a native species.

Biologists are logical thinkers, in that when they search for answers or observe a system, they do so with out presumption or prejudice. Being logical does not mean that biologists lack creativity; in fact creativity and the ability to evaluate situations in many different ways are prized traits in biology. Many biologists report that one of the most important parts of their work is the time they spend pondering their data and observations.

Motivation and the ability to work independently are key traits in biologists. Biologists and students of biology often work on multiple projects at one time and much of that work is done individually, but this does not mean that biology is a solitary endeavor. Communication, both written and verbal, is integral to the science. Biology students, as well as professional biologists, are expected to produce written reports of their work and give informational seminars concerning their work or field of study.

Not all biologists share all of these or all of the same traits as they are diverse as the subject that they study. The most important characteristic of a biologist is enjoying the study of life.

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