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Department of Biology
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Undergraduate Experience

Students in the UMD Department of Biology learn in an environment that promotes development through theory and application based curriculum. Instructors' varied specialties allow for a wide range of available course work for students. Students may choose to focus on topics ranging from molecules and cells to organisms and populations. Lab and field work are required of biology majors, but students are encouraged to participate in original research in a faculty member's laboratory while completing coursework through paid, volunteer, or credit based appointments.

Most biology students enroll in BIOL 1011 - General Biology I and BIOL 1012 - General Biology II their first year. Both of these classes are very broad in scope and give abbreviated introductions to many topics and concentrations in the life sciences. These courses are very important as the information that they provide it built upon in each successive upper division class. After these two courses have been completed, students may begin to design their cousework to coincide with their personal interests and goals. Although upper division classes are more challenging, students tend to enjoy this time as they are working with information that they enjoy learning about.

While designing your upper division schedule, think not only about what you would like to learn about but how you would like to learn about it. In lectures students learn the fundamental and theoretical basis for life. In upper division laboratories students apply their knowledge gained in lectures and apply them to real life experiments while learning skills that will aide them in their scientific careers. Laboratory courses may teach students how to take metrics in the field, how to accurately pipette in the laboratory, or how to adequately write in the sciences. Laboratory courses are also great experience and tests to see if you fit well in the field you are interested in.

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