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David Schimpf, Associate Professor
David Schimpf

B.S., 1970, Iowa State University, Botany
Ph.D., 1977, Utah State University, Ecology

Office: 311 LSci
Phone: 726-7265

Office Hours: Mondays 3 - 4pm; Wednesdays 1 - 2pm

During Fall Semester I teach General Ecology (BIOL 2801) Ecology Laboratory (BIOL 2802). During Spring Semester I teach Plant Taxonomy (BIOL 3603) and Ecological Invasions (BIOL 4805). My other duties include academic advising of undergraduate Biology majors and supervision of the Olga Lakela Herbarium. My research centers on a wide variety of plant ecology investigations in the region, as well as ongoing attempts to more completely document the vascular flora of the region by looking for novelties. My outreach consists mostly of assisting the community with plant identification, but sometimes extends to other topics.  I have served on several advisory committees for Minnesota government agencies.



Recent Publications

  • Schimpf, D.J., S.C. Garske, and D.L. Pomroy. Submitted. Noteworthy collections: Minnesota and Wisconsin. Michigan Botanist.
  • Schimpf, D.J., D.L. Pomroy, and S.C. Garske. Noteworthy collections: Minnesota and Wisconsin. Michigan Botanist 50:26-38.
  • Schimpf, D.J. and N.A. White. 2011. Did cryptic invasion of North America by common reed change exposure to pollen allergans? University of Minnesota Duluth Digital Commons.
  • Schimpf, D.J., D. L. Pomroy, S. C. Garske, and J. C. Green. 2009. Noteworthy collections: Minnesota and Wisconsin. Michigan Botanist 48:49-60.
  • Holmstrom, R.M., J. R. Etterson, and D. J. Schimpf. 2010. Dune restoration introduces genetically distinct American beachgrass, Ammophila breviligulata, into a threatened local population. Restoration Ecology 18(2):426-437.
  • Schimpf, D. J., D. L. Pomroy, S. C. Garske, and D. L. Hansen. 2007. Noteworthy collections: Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Michigan Botanist 46:80-86.
  • Schimpf, D. J. 2005. Naturalization of Campanula cervicaria, bristly bellflower, west of Lake Superior. Rhodora 107: 417-419.
  • Schimpf, D. J., and D. L. Pomroy. 2005. Noteworthy collections: Minnesota and Wisconsin. Michigan Botanist. 44:81-86.
  • D.J. Schimpf. 2003. Noteworthy collections: Minnesota and Wisconsin. Michigan Botanist 42:90-94.
  • D.J. Schimpf and N.P. Danz. 1999. Light passage through leaf litter: variation among northern hardwood trees. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 97:103-111.


  • BIOL 2801 General Ecology
  • BIOL 2802 Ecology Laboratory
  • BIOL 3603 Plant Taxonomy
  • BIOL 4805 Ecological Invasions

Graduate Student Projects

  • Frank Maragi. Deer herbivory on Canada yew in the Apostle Islands.

Recent Undergraduate Research Projects

  • LeAnn Bollin. Population structure of invasive Syringa.
  • Andrea Carpentier, Tree seed rain at the range limit of Tsuga canadensis.
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