Department of Biology
ROBERT HECKY, McKnight Endowed Professor
Robert Hecky

Ph.D., Duke University
B.S., Kent State University

Office: 321 LSci
Phone: 218-726-7379

Office: 206 RLB
Large Lakes Observatory
Phone: 218-726-7926


  • Nutrient and carbon cycling in aquatic systems
  • Limnology and paleolimnology of the African Great Lakes
  • Phytoplankton-nutrient interactions
  • Nutrient biogeochemistry
  • Stable isotope applications to ecology
  • Hg and organochlorine contamination of food webs


  • BIOL 5861 Lake Ecology
  • BIOL 5869 Great Lakes Ecology and Management

Recent Publications

175 total (including 75 on African lakes) Complete list available upon request. Some recent publications below:

  • Guildford, S.J., Bootsma, H.A., Taylor, W.D., Hecky, R.E. 2007. High variability of phytoplankton photosynthesis in response to environmental forcing in oligotrophic Lake Malawi/Nyasa. J. Great Lakes Res. 33:170-185.
  • Gondwe, M. J., Guildford, S.J., Hecky. 2007. Planktonic nitrogen fixation in Lake Malawi/Nyasa. In press. Hydrobiologia.
  • Gondwe, M.J., Guildford, S.J., Hecky, R.E. 2007. Sandy shore benthic N2-fixation in Lake Malawi, Africa. Accepted. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol.
  • Higgins, S.N., Malkin, S. Y., Howell, E. T., Guildford, S.J., Campbell, L., Hiriart-Baer, V., Hecky, R. E. 2007. An ecological review of Cladophora glomerata (Chlorophyta) in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Accepted J. Phycology.
  • Guildford, S.J., Bootsma, H.A., Taylor, W.D., Hecky, R.E. 2007. High variability of phytoplankton photosynthesis in response to environmental forcing in oligotrophic Lake Malawi/Nyasa. J. Great Lakes Res. 33:170-185.
  • Campbell, L., R.E. Hecky, D.G. Dixon and L. Chapman.2006. Food web structure and mercury transfer in two contrasting Ugandan highland crater lakes (East Africa). African Journal of Ecology 44:337-346.
  • Boesch, D.F., R.E. Hecky, C. O’Melia, D.W. Schindler, and S. Seitzinger. 2006. Eutrophication of Swedish Seas. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Report 5509:67 p.
  • Hecky, R.E., H.A. Bootsma, and E. Odada. 2006. African Lake Management Initiatives: The Global Connection. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management 11:203-213.
  • Tamatamah, R., R.E. Hecky and H.C. Duthie. 2006. Phosphorus and suspended sediment loading from two rivers flowing into Lake Victoria Tanzania. Verh. Verein. Theor. Angew. Limnol. 29:1697-1701.
  • Higgins, S.N., R.E. Hecky and S.J. Guildford. 2006. Environmental Controls on Cladophora growth dynamics in eastern Lake Erie: Application of the Cladophora growth model. J. Great Lakes Research 32:629-644.
  • André, E.R., H.C. Duthie, and R.E. Hecky. 2006. Energy and nutrient dynamics of rock dwelling cichlids grazing on epilithic periphyton of the littoral zone of Lake Malawi, Africa. Verh. Verein. Theor. Angew. Limnol.29.
  • Silsbe, G.R., S.J. Guildford and R.E.Hecky. 2006. Variability in chlorophyll a and photosynthetic parameters in Lake Victoria a nutrient saturated Great Lake. Limnology and Oceanography 51(5):2052-2063.
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  • Luis F. León, Jörg Imberger, Ralph E.H. Smith, Robert E. Hecky, David C.L. Lam and William M. Schertzer. 2005. Modeling as a Tool for Nutrient Management in Lake Erie: a Hydrodynamics Study. J. Great Lakes Res. 31 (suppl. 2): 309-318.
  • Davies, J.M. and R.E. Hecky. 2005. Initial measurements of benthic photosynthesis in Lake Erie: Community, spatial and temporal variability. J. Great Lakes. Res. 31(suppl. 2).
  • Campbell, L.M., S.B. Wandera, R. Thacker, G.D. Dixon and R.E. Hecky. 2005. Trophic niche segregation in the Nilotic icthyofauna of Lake Albert (Uganda, Africa). Environmental Biology of Fishes 74:247-260.
  • Higgins, S.N., R.E. Hecky and S.J. Guildford. 2005. Modeling the growth, biomass, and tissue phosphorus concentration of Cladophora glomerata in eastern Lake Erie: Model description and field testing. J. Great Lakes Res. 31:439-455.
  • Higgins, S.N., E.T. Howell, R.E. Hecky, S.J. Guildford and R.E.H. Smith. 2005. The wall of green: The status of Cladophora glomerata on the northern shores of Lake’s eastern basin, 1995-2002. J. Great Lakes Res. 31:547-563.
  • Williams, A.E., H.C. Duthie and R.E. Hecky. 2005. Water hyacinth in Lake Victoria: Why did it vanish so quickly and will it return. Aquatic Botany 81:300-314.
  • Gikuma-Njuru, P. and R.E. Hecky 2005. Nutrient Concentrations in Nyanza Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya: Light limits Algal Demand and Abundance. Hydrobiologia 534:131-140.
  • Vollmer, Martin K., Harvey A. Bootsma, Robert E. Hecky, Graeme Patterson, John D. Halfman, John M. Edmond, David H. Eccles, Ray F. Weiss. 2005. Deep-water warming trend in Lake Malawi, East Africa. Limnol. Oceanogr. 50:727-732.
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  • Halafo, J., R.E. Hecky and W.D. Taylor. 2004. The artisanal fishery of Lake Malawi/Niassa, East Africa. African Journal of Aquatic Science 29 (1): 83-89.
  • Hecky, R.E. 2003. What does the future hold for the Great Lakes of Africa. African Journal of Aquatic Science 28(1): iii-vi (Invited Guest editorial).
  • Guildford, S.J., R.E. Hecky, W.D. Taylor, R. Mugidde, and H.A. Bootsma. 2003. Nutrient enrichment experiments in tropical Great Lakes Malawi/Nyasa and Victoria. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(2):89-106.
  • Ramlal, P.S., R.E. Hecky, H.A. Bootsma, S.L. Schiff, and M.J. Kingdon. 2003. Transport and turnover of dissolved organic matter in Lake Malawi. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(2): 107-120.
  • Mugidde, R., R.E. Hecky, L. Hendzel and W.D. Taylor. 2003. Pelagic nitrogen fixation in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(2):76-88.
  • Lindenschmidt, K.-E., G. Ollesch, M. Rode, A.S. Kerzhentsev, and R.E. Hecky. 2003. A comparative study of substance transport behavior in two Ugandan and one Russian catchment areas. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(2):159-168.
  • Kidd, K.A., H.A. Bootsma, R.E. Hecky, and R.H. Hesslein. 2003. Mercury concentrations in the food web of Lake Malawi, East Africa. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(2):258-266.
  • Verburg,P. and R.E. Hecky. 2003. Wind patterns, evaporation, and related physical variables in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa.. Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(2):48-61.
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