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The Olga Lakela Herbarium




Type Specimens


A listing of the nomenclatural type specimens held by the Lakela Herbarium is provided.

Acer negundo L. f. sanguineum L. Martin - isotype & paratype
Achillea millefolium L. subsp. pallidotegula B. Boivin - paratype
Adicea opaca Lunell - isotype
Aragallus aven-nelsoni Lunell - topotype
Aster jacobaeus Lunell - topotype

Botrychium rugulosum Wagner - 2 isotypes
Campanula rotundifolia L. var. intercedens (Witasek) Farw. f. cleistoncodona Lakela - 2 isotypes & 1 topotype
Chamaesyce aequata Lunell - topotype

Clematis verticillaris DC. var. grandiflora B. Boivin - isotype
Cornus canadensis L. f. florentula Lakela - isotype & topotype
Corydalus sempervirens (L.) Pers. f. candida Lakela - holotype
Dicerandra immaculata f. immaculatea Lakela - topotype

Dicerandra immaculata f. nivea Lakela - isotype
Equisetum arvense L. var. boreale (Bong.) Rupr. f. pseudonemorosum B. Boivin - paratype
Eriophorum tenellum Nutt. f. axillare Lakela - 2 topotypes
Helianthus giganteus L. var. subtuberosus Britt. f. verticillatus Lakela - isotype
Lysimachia terrestris (L.) BSP f. florifera B. Boivin - isotype

Nuphar microphyllum Fernald f. multisepalum Lakela - holotype & 3 topotypes
Penstemon deamii Pennell - topotype
Phacelia franklinii (R. Br.) A. Gray f. variegata B. Boivin - isotype
Polemonium occidentale Greene subsp. lacustre Wherry - isotype & 2 topotypes
Polemonium occidentale Greene var. lacustre (Wherry) Lakela - isotype & 2 topotypes
Potentilla pensylvanica L. var. arida B. Boivin - paratype

Ranunculus hyperboreus Rottb. f. turquetilianus (Polunin) Savile & Calder - topotype

Rhus angustiarum Lunell - isotype
Senecio suavis Lunell - topotype

Stellaria atrata (J.W. Moore) B. Boivin var. eciliata B. Boivin - paratype
Tiarella wherryi Lakela - photographic negatives & prints of holotype
Xanthium chasei Fernald - 5 topotypes



Achillea multiflora Hook. - label reads 'co-type'

Geum aleppicum Jacquin var. cuneatum B. Boivin - labels read isotype & paratype, name apparently never validly published

Oxytropis campestris DC. var. chartacea (Fassett) Barneby - label reads 'type area', but probably not close enough geographically to be a topotype


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