Reporting Program Development Updates and Results to Close the Loop

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Program Development Updates and Closing the Loop

The Annual Program Assessment Report, completed in the Fall, includes program development recommendations for the program student learning outcome (SLO) assessed. The recommendations are based on the program faculty/staff interpretations of the assessment results.

The intent of the changes is to improve student learning, which is indicated quantitatively by assessment results compiled the next time the same program SLO is assessed. Therefore, closing the loop occurs by nature of the ongoing, 3-year program assessment cycle and information provided on the Annual Program Assessment Reports.

Documenting the impact of changes made to develop the program from one cycle to the next includes report items:

  • How do these data compare to the data reported the last time the outcome was assessed?
  • What changes have been made to the program since the last time the outcome was reported?
  • How have these changes impacted student learning?

Additionally, programs communicate the progress of their development initiatives in years a program SLO is not assessed or reported. PALs complete the program development updates in Section 3 of the Annual Program Assessment Report filed in Compliance Assist. Update information includes whether recommended changes were implemented and, if so, the status of the changes being made.

In Spring 2018, refer to this Compliance Assist guide for PDF iconReporting Program Development Updates