Peer Assessment Review

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Improving Program Assessment Practices

The purpose of the Peer Assessment Review is to evaluate the effectiveness of each program's assessment practices. The goal is for programs to integrate teaching, learning, and assessment as demonstrated through the following domains:

  • Program Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Statements
  • Alignment of Measure(s) to SLO(s)
  • Assessment Results
  • Use of Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Involvement of Faculty/Staff, Students, and Others
  • Connection to UMD SLOs

During the Peer Review session, small groups of Program Assessment Liaisons (PALs) present their programs' assessment reports submitted in Compliance Assist and provide additional context. The group of PALs assign ratings for the assessment review domains using the PAL Peer Review Rubric. The rubric scores are then aggregated for campus-level reports.

The Campus Assessment Team will also contact programs identified as needing improvement for one or more domains to provide assistance. Department Heads, Deans, and Directors are encouraged to review the rubric scores for their respective programs to ensure effective assessment practices and to support development of assessment practices as needed.