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Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans

Program faculty and/or staff have created assessment plans for their respective undergraduate degree programs, the undergraduate Liberal Education Program, graduate degree programs, credit-bearing certificates, and undergraduate co-curricular programs. Assessment plans include:

  • Program learning outcome statement(s) 
  • Alignment of program learning outcomes to campus undergraduate SLOs or graduate learning goal categories and reporting year
  • Brief descriptions of assessment methods/measures and performance indicator(s)
  • A summary of faculty/staff and stakeholder involvement and general means through which assessment information informs program improvements
  • Alignment of courses to program learning outcomes (applicable for all curricular program assessment plans)

Assessment plans may be used for:

  • Communicating program learning outcomes to current and potential students through links to majors on the UMD Academics website
  • Ensuring program learning outcomes are assessed and reported based on the schedule stated on the plan
  • Demonstrating how courses contribute to student learning in the program, such as through student advising and statements on syllabi
  • Demonstrating how co-curricular programs contribute to student learning and development 

Plan Development/Updates

     Undergraduate Curricular Program Assessment Plan - Form

     Undergraduate Co-Curricular Program Assessment Plan - Form

     Undergraduate Program Assessment Plan Form Instructions

     FileGraduate Program Assessment Plan Form

PDF iconCommunication Sciences and Disorders

PDF iconEnvironmental and Outdoor Education

PDF iconExercise Science

PDF iconIntegrated Elementary and Special Education

PDF iconSecondary Teacher Education

PDF iconSocial Work

PDF iconUnified Early Childhood Education

Certificate: Educational Computing and Technology

Educational Computing and Technology Post-baccalaureate Certificate (embedded within assessment for the Master of Environmental Education degree program)

**assessment plans are posted once approved**

PDF iconBusiness and Economics Common Core (applicable to all LSBE majors)

PDF iconAccounting

PDF iconEconomics (applicable to BBA-Econ and BA-Econ majors)



Financial Markets

Financial Planning

Health Care Management

Human Resources Management

Management Information Systems


Marketing Analytics

Marketing and Graphic Design

Organizational Management

PDF iconCertificate: Business Administration

**assessment plans for other majors will be posted once approved**