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art and art history

The twenty-seven credit art minor provides immersion in core art courses in art and art history and elective studio work in areas that the student selects.

Art History
The twenty-one credit minor in art history offers introductory and advanced level courses in art from pre-history to the present. The visual arts are studied in relation to their cultural values and beliefs as well as to the unique perceptions of individual artists.

Arts in Media
The combination of disciplines participating in this thirty-seven credit minor provides students the opportunity to apply graphic/digital design concepts and techniques and knowledge of media studies in the communications culture. In fulfilling the minor requirements, students will study the manipulative influence of contemporary media; survey the theories, research, regulation, and ethical concerns surrounding contemporary mass media; learn research methods concerning the impact of media on society and individuals; learn to incorporate photography and digital imaging in designing graphics; and study the impact of the visual in the construction of culture. Courses from the Communications, Art, and Theatre departments comprise this minor.

This twenty-seven credit minor provides experience with both traditional silver-based photographic processes and digital manipulation with photographic sources. Students learn the principles of design and composition and are introduced to theories of visual communication, particularly within the art and design context.




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art minor worksheet
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