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Please join us this summer for any or all of the events. We would love to see you!



The University of Minnesota Duluth Office of Alumni Relations fosters a spirit of pride and loyalty to the university by connecting, creating, and providing for all alumni and friends of UMD.


The Office of Alumni Relations will identify where the needs and priorities of alumni overlap with those of students and the university. We will work with alumni to create programs that address these interests. These efforts will give alumni a greater voice in the present and future of UMD.


The Office of Alumni Relations creates opportunities for alumni to learn, reconnect, influence the student experience, and contribute to the direction of UMD.

School Song 

U-M-D now let us praise UMD ever strong ever true we will be and to the Bulldog name maroon and gold our fame we hail university RAH-RAH-RAH U-M-D always with our loyalty sing and cheer to be victorious U-M-D B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S HEEEEEY BULLDOGS!

Fight Song

Here come the Bulldogs U-M-D fighting their way to another victory here come the Bulldogs give a cheer the maroon and gold are here U-RAH-RAH here come the Bulldogs strong and proud so shout your name out loud "GO DOGS!" and so we'll never yield, we own the field we are the Bulldogs of UMD!