Bulldogs of the Last Decade

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Bulldogs of the Last Decade (BOLD) is a brand new organization. The purpose of BOLD is to develop, maintain, and foster relationships with recent alumni, along with creating opportunities that enrich the personal and professional lives of our graduates.

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BOLD's Goals:

Stay Connected: Maintain relationships between alumni and students to connect them back to the University.

Alumni Transition Program: Provide tools and resources to educate and transition active students to lifelong alumni.

Career Development: Serve as a resource to help young alumni reach their professional goals and manage their careers. 

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The BOLD Board

Alyssa Schwanke '13 - Alyssa.Schwanke@PureDriven.com

Mollie Nelson '12 - nels5765@d.umn.edu

Jill Custer '11 - jcuster@d.umn.edu

Kimberly Newton '14 - knewton@csp.edu

Aaron Stolp '12- aaronstolp@yahoo.com