Bulldogs on the Block

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Bulldogs on the Block

WHO: Bulldog Alumni

WHAT: You may be miles away from UMD, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone! Celebrate and connect with alumni in your area at the first-ever Bulldogs on the Block nationwide social event. From drinks after work to restaurant meals, barbecues on the beach to picnics in the park, get-togethers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s simple: pick a place to host in your area, and the Office of Alumni Relations will assist you in promoting and providing tools for a great party!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

WHERE: Nationwide 

HOSTS: The job of the host is to be the point of contact for the get-together. They choose a place and show up! Leave the rest to Alumni Relations staff. (*If you need help choosing a location, let us know!)

STEP 1: Register to be a host
STEP 2: Choose a location
STEP 3: Host receives Bulldog box with event supplies
STEP 5: Party time! #bulldogsontheblock to post photos and videos of your party

If you have questions about attending or hosting a Bulldogs on the Block gathering, please contact Alumni Relations at 218-726-7748 or email alumni@d.umn.edu.