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Cina Hall, c. 1959

Ground Floor

Photography classrooms and psychology labs are located on this floor.

First Floor

Department of American Indian Studies

Students can earn a major or minor in American Indian Studies by taking interdisciplinary courses that examine literature, politics, government, Ojibwe language, history, art, and culture(s). Students learn about the unique political status of American Indians as well as the vast diversity that exists among American Indian nations and cultures.

Center for Crime and Justice Studies

This center is connected to the department's Criminology program. A growing emphasis on social justice characterizes the work being done here.

Second Floor

Department of Sociology/Anthropology

Offers majors in Anthropology, Criminology, and Sociology. The department also offers a minor in Cultural Studies.

Center for Addiction Studies

The center has recently secured grants that fund research on American Indian/First Nations behavior health issues.

Third Floor

Department of Geography

Offers professional and academic preparation for careers related to geography in mapping, map analysis, geographic information systems, cultural studies, cultural ecology, locational analysis, urban and regional studies, political geography, feminist geography (including gender/sexuality studies), physical geography, environmental geography, geographic thought, field techniques and water resources.

Department of Political Science

Offers majors and minors to students who are interested in working in government, business, industry, law, the armed forces and human services.

Geographic Information Science Lab

Provides researchers with access to advanced GIS methods for applied and basic natural resources research, derives new research methods in spatial analyses, and serves data to public and private agencies to fulfill public research and education needs.

  • The foyer connecting Cina Hall to Kirby Student Center features the UMD Logo and a compass pointing North embedded in the terrazzo.

Next Location

Chester Park is located at the corner of College Street and Woodland Avenue. It is not connected to the concourse system.

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