2015-2016 Membership of the UMD Commission on Disabilities

Jim Allert - Computer Science
Tracey Bolen - School of Business and Economics
Charlene Brown - Library
Sam McCurry- Student, Access for All
Tim Walters- Disability Resources (ex officio)
Tim Chambers - Housing Office
Emily Norenberg - Disability Resources (ex officio)
Amanda Crosby - Access North (Center For Independent Living of Northeastern Minnesota) amanda@accessnorth.net
Adrea Grocke- Chair
Trudie Hughes - Education
Mandie Johnson - Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS)
Georgia Keeney - Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Erik Larson - Facilities Management
Alissa Stainbrook- Disability Resources (ex officio)
Deborah Petersen-Perlman - Communication
Roger Petry - Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS)
Deborah Plechner - Women's Studies
Gina Pudlick - Kirby Student Center
Paul Ranelli - School of Pharmacy
Vince Repesh - First Year Experience
Andy Larson- Rehabilitation Services (Minnesota WorkForce Center, State of Minnesota -- Duluth Office) roland.root@state.mn.us
Laura Zimmerman - Mathematics/Statistics
<not filled> - Human Resources
<not filled> - NRRI (Natural Resources Research Institute)
<not filled> - SFA (School of Fine Arts)

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